Plastic Pens

A useful promotional gift ideal for any advertising campaign.

Doctors Pen BOL 02-18
Magnet Pen BOL 03-18
fotos impress web catalogo2018 79
Alberti Pen BOL 05-18
fotos impress web catalogo2018 421
Doménikos Pen BOL 08-18
Luke Pen BOL 09-18
fotos impress web catalogo2018 21
Translucent Pen BOL 11-18
fotos impress web catalogo2018 33
Whistle Pen BOL 13-18
Battle  Pen BOL 14-18
Magnetic Flat Pen BOL 17-18
Martell Pen BOL 22-18
Boligrafo Hans BOL 25-18
Boligrafo Dyck BOL 26-18
Boligrafo Tiepolo BOL 27-18

BOL 27-18 Boligrafo Tiepolo

Bolígrafo Tiepolo

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Boligrafo Sorolla BOL 28-18

BOL 28-18 Boligrafo Sorolla

Bolígrafo Sorolla

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Bright looking plastic Pens

Ideal pens to create a good impression on your clients.

Blake Pen BOL 101-18
Piero Pen BOL 103-18
Paladino Pen BOL 105-18
BOL 106 VerdeFrente
Tintoretto Pen BOL 107-18
fotos impress web catalogo2018 96
fotos impress web catalogo2018 123
Foto 34
Carus Pen BOL 142-18
Boligrafo Perugino BOL 143-18

BOL 143-18 Boligrafo Perugino

Bolígrafo Perugino

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Gogan Pen BOL 144-18
Boligrafo Alfaro BOL 145-18

Touchpad pens

Touchpad pens: the perfect product to use to promote your business.

BOL 215 AzulLado
BOL 216 RosaLado
BOL 217 17 AZU PER
fotos impress web catalogo2018 110
Rosés Pen BOL 220-18
Kapor Pen BOL 221-18
Jasper Pen BOL 222-18
Ucello Pen BOL 223-18
Arango Pen BOL 225-18
Pro-Point Pen BOL 226-18
Palazzo Pen BOL 227-18
René Pen BOL 228-18
Bavari Pen BOL 229-18
BOL 239 RosaCerradoFrente
Belini Pen BOL 240-18
Dupré Pen BOL 241-18
Paolo Pen BOL 242-18
Gorky Pen BOL 243-18
Albani Pen BOL 245-18
Tuché Pen BOL 246-18
Stampa Pen BOL 248-18
Toscani Pen BOL 249-18

Ecological Pens

Pens made out of ecological materias such as corn, bamboo, recycled paper and biodegradable plastic.

Eco Thick Pen BOL 332-18
Eco-Triangular Pen BOL 334-18
Greco Pen BOL 343-18

Premium Pens

The perfect pen for hard working executives.

Pollock Pen BOL 500-18
fotos impress web catalogo2018 136

BOL 504-18 Juego de Bolígrafos Degraaf

Juego de Bolígrafos Degraaf

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fotos impress web catalogo2018 68
Bernini Pen BOL 520-18
Turner Pen BOL 522-18
Durero Pen BOL 523-18
Matisse Pen BOL 524-18
Firenze Pen BOL 525-18
Gaudí­ Pen BOL 526-18
BOL 527 17 perf
BOL 528 LadoCerrada
Crystal Pen BOL 550-18
BOL 557 15
Roller Color Cap Pen BOL 559-18
3-1 Chrome Pen BOL 560-18
Super Shot Pen BOL 561-18
Spring Twist Pen BOL 562-18
Top Black Pen BOL 573-18
Doré Pen BOL 574-18
Boligrafo Platt BOL 650-18
Russov Pen BOL 655-18
Lexa 3 in 1 Pen BOL 657-18
Point-Laser Pen BOL 672-18

Pen cases

Every pens needs the perfect case.

Pen Display Case BOE 00-18
Executive Pen Case BOE 03-18
Eco Cardboard Pen Case BOE 04-18

BOE 04-18 Eco Cardboard Pen Case

Eco Cardboard Pen Case

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fotos impress web catalogo2018 256

BOE 05-18 Estuche Window Flat

Estuche Window Flat

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fotos impress web catalogo2018 258

BOE 06-18 Porta-Bolígrafo Simple Flat

Porta-Bolígrafo Simple Flat

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Impressline has a wide variety of pens to offer you. Any style that you need you can be sure you will find it with us. Pens are a great tool to use in advertising campaigns for your company, they do not require a large budget and they can help you reach the results you are looking for in creating brand awareness. Promotional pens can be used in any kind of corporate event, fair, tradeshow, or simply as a gift to your customers. Our pens can be imprinted with your company logo or any kind of business information that will help you promote your brand. Our collection of pens will satisfy all of your advertising needs. We carry plastic pens, bright looking pens, touchpad pens, ecological pens and Premium pens, so we can assure you’ll find the perfect one.

Start using our pens and other promotional products that we offer so you can expand your business. You can find our product catalog in our webpage and download it. You can also create virtual samples of the product you choose so you can see how it will look like with the design or text you decide to imprint on it. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our offices and one of our executives will gladly help you.