Tools & Camping

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BBQ Set HER 30-18
Herramientas Kit Scout HER 32-18

HER 32-18 Herramientas Kit Scout

Herramientas Kit Scout

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Cromo Set HER 33-18
Rivet Set HER 34-18
Turbo Kit HER 35-18
Norway Kit HER 36-18
Explorer Kit HER 37-18
Level Set HER 38-18
Car Set HER 39-18
Scout Set HER 40-18
Prime Set HER 41-18

Tools & Camping

In our tools and camping section we have products you can use to promote and outdoors activities and to help your customers and potential customers enjoy having a good recreational time. The tool sets we carry can help your clients in any case of emergency that they encounter; it’s always good to know that you have some tools around you for those times in need. They are very practical and do not take up much space so they can have them in their car, office, garage, kitchen, or anywhere they can easily find them when they need them. We have different sets depending what you are looking for, whether its knives, screwdrivers, pocket knives, LED lamps, among others.