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TEC 04-19 Earbuds Galileo

Earbuds Galileo Audífonos

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TEC 08 17 Cerrado
Walton Power Bank TEC 09-19
Kendall Power Bank TEC 10-19
Edison Power Bank TEC 11-19


TEC 40 17back2
TEC 41 17 ArribaLado bco
TEC 42 17 AnguloConCel
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Techno Solutions

Tecnological accesories and gadgets that have a great impact when used as promotional items.

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TEC 15 17 Lado
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Mini Fan Obi TEC 28-19

Techno Solutions / iPad Case

Milan iPad Case ESC 752-19
Damasco iPad Case ESC 770-19
Dubai iPad Case ESC 771-19
Dalton Mini iPad Case ESC 773-19
Kazan iPad Case ESC 774-19

Techno Solutions

If you like to keep up to date with technology and innovative new gadgets and would like to share them with your market, Impressline is the right place to look for these promotional products. We carry a wide variety of products such as headphones, iPad cases, speakers, chargers, and many others that can easily be used as marketing tools to promote your brand and be on everyone’s mind. All these promotional items can be personalized with a variety of designs, images and even your own company logo. They are excellent advertising products to offer in conventions, trade shows, and corporate events and are a very good way to promote your company without investing a large amount of money on advertising campaigns.