Privacy Policy

For Impressline, the legitimate and controlled information of our customers is our main priority so we can reach all our corporate objectives throughout all business areas. With that said, we would like to share with you our Privacy Policy to which we will abide to. The main purpose of our Privacy Policy is to inform you about the use and treatment we will give the personal information you share with us.

Personal Data and Information

Some of the personal information you provide to us when you register voluntarily in some of our programs, events, or by sending us an email with questions or comments may be:

  • Identification data: name, address, phone number, date of birth, email address.
  • Job information: work address, work email, work phone, corporate contract, and co-workers names.
  • Educational information: educational certificates, career, work and educational history, types of practice.
  • Bank information: billing address, account numbers, account names and information.

Usage of personal data

Your personal data can be used for various purposes depending on the particular case in which your information was provided or collected, always in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Your personal data may be processed to meet the following necessary objectives:

  • If you visit our facilities: to control access, maintain confidentiality of information owned by IMPRESSLINE as well as safety inside our facilities.
  • If you are a consumer or potential consumer: meet obligations of a legal relationship within both parties, enforce/execute a contract, and comply with health requirements and other legal obligations and for .statistical purposes.
  • If you are a supplier: register as a supplier, have legal and important information to maintain a relationship, make payments and billings.

Your personal information and data may be used for secondary and voluntary purposes for which we will require your consent before use. Some of these purposes may include the following.

  • If you are a consumer or potential consumer: contact you with information about our sales and promotions.
  • Conduct surveys
  • Participate in awareness programs
  • Sales performance measure
  • Develop new products and services. Help us get to know better our market and the performance of our company
  • Marketing research
  • Monitor sales to achieve customer satisfaction.
  • Customer services
  • Register in corporate events, tradeshows, and fairs.
  • Submit a testimonial or anecdote related to our products and/or services.
  • Register in our data base so you can receive information about IMPRESSLINE or any other subject related to our company.

If you choose to contact us by sending your resume, your information will be used for the following purposes:

  • Contact you if your profile fits the requirements established by IMPRESSLINE to participate for a vacancy.
  • Carry out assessments for hiring.
  • Exchange of resume information when authorized.

Your personal data will be processed only for the necessary amount of time with the purpose of compiling with the objectives of the Privacy Policy.

Other non-personal information collected on our websites

We receive and store certain information whenever you interact on our websites, for example: technical information like your IP addresses (not linked to personally identifiable information), operating system, and browser you use. We also track the route you follow during your tour through our website. This information is collected to allow websites to operate properly, evaluate the use of our web pages and show information that can be of your interest. It also helps us gather important demographic information to provide our users with better service and attention. When you visit our site, we use cookies to provide a better navigation experience whether you are entering for the first time or are a returning customer. A cookie is a text file that a website or email can save to your browser and store it in your hard drive. You can choose to browse our websites without accepting cookies. If you unable cookies, you will be able to browse through our websites but you may not be able to use some applications or features provided.

Links from our websites

For your convenience, our website may contain links to other websites that do not belong to IMPRESSLINE. IMPRESSLINE has not reviewed the privacy policies of such websites, therefore does not guarantee and is not responsible for the content of suck links or the process of collecting and using your personal information. We encourage you to carefully read the Privacy Policy of each of the websites that you may be linked to from our website.

Security measures

IMPRESSLINE has implemented and maintains security measures on all aspects such as technical, administrative and physical, all being the necessary ones to protect your personal information and avoid its damage, loss, alteration, destruction or unauthorized use of it.

Transfer of Personal Information

IMPRESSLINE will only transfer personal information to third parties with whom they have established a legal and/or commercial relationship, to fulfill the purpose and objectives established in this Privacy Policy. IMPRESSLINE may also transfer personal information when needed and it is authorized by the law. In a given case where IMPRESSLINE sells a business unit to another company, your personal data will be transferred to that business unit. By doing this, the buyer, along with the business, can use the information the same way the IMPRESSLINE used it.

Changes to Privacy Policy

IMPRESSLINE reserves the right to amend or modify this Privacy Policy as it sees fit so that it will comply with the law and with internal provisions of the company. You will be able to consult our Privacy Policy at all times in our website.


If you have any questions or comments regarding this Privacy Policy or other matters of privacy and personal data protection you can contact us by email at