Desk Accesories

Desk accesories that are the ideal promotional solution.


Wide variety of notebooks with different designs, colors, sizes and shapes.

Eco Notebooks

Our ecological notebooks are made out of recycled materials.

Funny Heart Notebook ESC 303-19COR
Funny House Notebook ESC 303-19CAS

Folders and Portfolios

Present your documents in a folder or portfolio to make your brand stand out.

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ESC 215-19 Macao Notes/Letter Organizer

Macao Notes/Letter Organizer.Frontal Clip tablet and special case to keep documents. Pen Case Holder.

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Folder and Eco Documents Holder

A great promotional item to help you improve your brand image.

Bombay Document Holder ESC 361-19
Congo Notebook ESC 365-19


Premium Desk


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ESC 530-19 Luxon Executive Notebook

Luxon Executive Notebook. Magnetic Closure, Elastic pen loop and front card holder.

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ESC 531-19 Mosku Executive Notebook

Mosku Executive Notebook: Elastic Closure Strap. Outside pocket.

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ESC 532-19 Ottawa Executive Notebook

Ottawa Executive Notebook: Elastic closure. 70 ruled pages

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ESC 535-19 Sevilla Executive Notebook

Sevilla Executive Notebook. Magnetic closing. 80 Page Ruled Notepad with Date header. Includes: Non-woven individual bag

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ESC 536-19 Denver Exectutive Notebook

Denver Exectutive Notebook: Outside zipper pocket

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ESC 537 19 FTE

ESC 537-19 Berna Executive Notebook

Berna Executive Notebook. Front Pocket. 80 Page Ruled Notepad with Date header. Includes: Non-woven individual bag.

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ESC 139 17 CerradaArriba
Brunei Notebook ESC 541-19

Premium Desk and Accesories Sets

Premium Sets: an excellent promotional gift.

Atlanta Desk Set ESC 562-19
ESC 565 19

ESC 565-19 Burdeos Executive Desk Set

Burdeos Executive Desk Set. Includes: Ball Pen, Executive Notebook with elastic band , card holder and special present case.

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Document Holders and Portfolios

An elegant promotional gift that will make you look great when carrying your documents.

Qatar Document Holder ESC 651-19
Monza Document Holder ESC 652-19
ESC 653 17 ArribaCerrado
ESC 654 17 CerradoArriba
Porto Document Holder ESC 667-19
Complex Document Holder ESC 668-19
Oslo Document Holder ESC 671-19
Ankara Document Holder ESC 673-19

iPad Cases

Elegant designs to protect your electronic tablet.

Milan iPad Case ESC 752-19
Damasco iPad Case ESC 770-19
Dubai iPad Case ESC 771-19
Dalton Mini iPad Case ESC 773-19
Kazan iPad Case ESC 774-19

Card Holders

Elegant designs that will make your presentation cards stand out.

Praga Card Holder ESC 852-19
ESC 860 17
Star Memo Holder ESC 863-19
Lyra Card Holder ESC 864-19
Twin Heart Card Holder ESC 865-19

Desk and Accessories

With Impressline you will always find the best selection of desk and office accessories to use for advertising your company. We have a large variety of notebooks with different characteristics such as colors, designs and uses. Our collection of Premium desk and accessories is the perfect one to find executive gifts for those special people that form part of your company. Every item you can personalize it with your logo, brand name or any other image you would like to put on it so you can use them in any event. Impressline has the most original promotional items that have been carefully developed by the creative talents of our own designers; you will not find any product alike elsewhere. Our Premium desk and accessories collection includes products that will perfectly serve as a great marketing tool for you, our briefcases, portfolios, notebooks, different sets and iPad holders are excellent corporate gifts you can give to your customers, distributors and employees to keep them happy.