Picture Frame

Flower vases

CAS 17 15ROJ
CAS 18 15ROJ
CAS 19 15VER


Promotionals to use at home such as picture frames, flower vases, wine sets, cheese sets, and many more.

Tiny-Tin Candle CAS 03-18
CAS 11 15AZU

Wine Sets

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CAS 27-18 Estuche para Vinos Redondo

Estuche para Vinos Redondo

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CAS 28 17 VERT

CAS 28-18 Cylindrical Wine Case

Cylindrical Wine Case

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CAS 29 17

CAS 29-18 Triangular Wine Case

Triangular Wine Case

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CAS 30 17 OPEN

CAS 30-18 Rectangular Wine Case

Rectangular Wine Case

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Jute Wine Bag MAL 134-18
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Set Pepper CAS 20-18
Bamboo Cutting Set CAS 53-18
Bamboo Caster Set CAS 54-18
CAS 56 15c
Cheese Set CAS 57-18
Spoon Set CAS 58-18
Bamboo Mail Valet CAS 59-18
Wiki Napkin Holder CAS 60-18
Squared bowl set CAS 61-18
Dipping Set CAS 62-18
BBQ Set HER 30-18

Cup Holders

CAS 55 15NAT


In this section you can find decorative home ideas and products like fun and original picture frames, household kitchen items, wine sets, key holders, napkin holders and many more products. Here you will find the best collection of items to use as promotional gifts for the most unique and special occasions. Our products are made out of the best materials such as bamboo and wood. All of these products are an excellent choice when looking for gifts with a touch of elegance and highest quality. Before placing your order you can personalize the item you like the most by creating a virtual sample; that way you can see how your finished product will look like. If you have any question you can ask one of our executives and they will give you a solution.