Promotional cylinders with a wide variety of designs, sizes and uses. Ideal for advertising campaigns.

Kava Cylinder TH 100-18
Solid Cica TH 101-18
Translucent Cica TH 102-18
Solid Ebano TH 104-18
Translucent Ebano TH 105-18
Colored Ficus Cylinder TH 107-18

TH 107-18 Colored Ficus Cylinder

Colored Ficus Cylinder

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Skim Cylinder TH 110-18PLA
Maxx Bottle TH 111-18
Cilindro/Anfora Junior TH 112-18

TH 112-18 Cilindro/Anfora Junior

Cilindro/Anfora Junior

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Cilindro/Anfora Junior color TH 113-18

TH 113-18 Cilindro/Anfora Junior color

Cilindro/Anfora Junior color

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TH114 AzulCerrado
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Cilindro/Anfora  Cilindro Power TH 117-18

TH 117-18 Cilindro/Anfora Cilindro Power

Cilindro/Anfora Cilindro Power

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