Promotional cups made out of different materials and colors. Ideal for hot liquids.

Stainless Steel Mug  TH 01-18

TH 01-18 Stainless Steel Mug

Stainless Steel Mug

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fotos impress web catalogo2018 161
fotos impress web catalogo2018 1631

TH 07-18 TH 07-18

Acero inoxidable Capacidad: 591 ml Funciones: Doble Pared.

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Cosmos Mug TH 108-18
Carex Cylinder TH 109-18
Brody Mug TH 208-18
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TH 50 17
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Promotional cylinders with a wide variety of designs, sizes and uses. Ideal for advertising campaigns.

Kava Cylinder TH 100-18
Solid Cica TH 101-18
Translucent Cica TH 102-18
Solid Ebano TH 104-18
Translucent Ebano TH 105-18
Colored Ficus Cylinder TH 107-18

TH 107-18 Colored Ficus Cylinder

Colored Ficus Cylinder

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Skim Cylinder TH 110-18PLA
Maxx Bottle TH 111-18
Cilindro/Anfora Junior TH 112-18

TH 112-18 Cilindro/Anfora Junior

Cilindro/Anfora Junior

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Cilindro/Anfora Junior color TH 113-18

TH 113-18 Cilindro/Anfora Junior color

Cilindro/Anfora Junior color

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TH114 AzulCerrado
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Cilindro/Anfora  Cilindro Power TH 117-18

TH 117-18 Cilindro/Anfora Cilindro Power

Cilindro/Anfora Cilindro Power

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Cups and Bottles

Different promotional cups and bottles that will give you the best results when used in advertising campaigns.

TH 200 17 AZU
Latte Mug TH 201-18
Cafeto Mug TH 202-18
Sauce Cup TH 203-18
TH 204 rosa
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Stadium Cup TH 209-18

Koozies and Buckets

Cup holders and buckets are great for making your brand stand out.

Eco Koolie TH 306-18
Stainless Steel Koolie TH 311-18

TH 311-18 Stainless Steel Koolie

Stainless Steel Koolie

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Drink Bucket TH 312-18
Sports Koolie TH 10-18SOC
Sports Koolie TH 10-18TEN
Sports Koolie TH 10-18BSB
Sports Koolie TH 10-18GLF
Sports Koolie TH 10-18BSK


The best selection of promotional products including mugs and cylinders you will find with us. We have a large selection of promotional coolers, cups, mugs and cylinders to offer you. Our collection includes original promotional such as BPA free plastic bottles, aluminum flasks, stainless steel cups, plastic cups and ecological coffee cups, among others. These coffee cups are made out of degradable plastic and are resistant to microwave use. Impressline carries designs that you will not find anywhere else. Our designers have come up with original styles that make our products the most innovative and best ones you can find. By using our products you will be creating awareness and brand recognition anywhere someone goes with the product with your logo imprinted on it. Every person likes to enjoy a hot coffee in the morning or drink fresh water during the day, you can facilitate this by giving your employees a cup or bottle with your logo on it and they will always have your brand present anywhere they go. You can download our promotional products catalog to see the variety of products we have to offer. You can design them with your logo, image or text and if you have any questions, contact one of our executives for support.