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Bags made out of different materias, designs and colors. The ideal promotional to give away.

MAL 01 17 azu
Shopping Set MAL 02-18
Trendy Bag MAL 05-18
Hip Fanny Bag MAL 07-18
Jute Bag MAL 14-18
Jordan Bag MAL 28-18

Coolers and Drink Holders

Coolers, bags and drink holders that are your best option to use as a promotional product.

Steffi Thermal Bag MAL 100-18
mal 101 azul
Six Pack Cooler MAL 103-18
Shiny Cooler MAL 106-18
Williams Cooler MAL 107-18
Can Cooler MAL 110-18
Owens Cooler MAL 111-18
Jute Wine Bag MAL 134-18
fotos impress web catalogo2018 182
Drink Bucket TH 312-18


Backpacks are a promotional products that will create great impact among your clients.

MAL 210 Azul Frente
MAL 211 17 Beige Azul Frente
Juve Backpack MAL 216-18

Laptop Bags

Laptops bags that are functional and practical for everyone.

Bolt Backpack MAL 308-18
Alfa Backpack MAL 309-18

Duffle Bags

Great promotional products for sports and outdoor activities.

Mini Duffle Gym Bag MAL 413-18
Fully Bag MAL 417-18
Travel Bag MAL 427-18

iPad Bags

Practical and profesional promotionals ideal to protect your electronic tablets.

MAL 520 17 Rojo FrenteConCel
MAL 521 17 Frente
Robinson Bag MAL 525-18
Miller Bag MAL 527-18
Baggio Bag MAL 528-18
Agasi Bag MAL 529-18
Malone Bag MAL 530-18
Bubble Bag MAL 551-18
Calgary File ESC 750-18
Milan iPad Case ESC 752-18
iPad Case ESC 753-18
Damasco iPad Case ESC 770-18
Dubai iPad Case ESC 771-18
Dalton Mini iPad Case ESC 773-18

ESC 773-18 Dalton Mini iPad Case

Dalton Mini iPad Case

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Kazan iPad Case ESC 774-18

Premium Backpacks

For the modern executive, our premium backpacks are the best option.

MAL 615 17 FrenteConLap
MAL 616 17 Frente ConTermoYSnack
Felps Backpack MAL 620-18
Kobe Backpack MAL 621-18
Titan Backpack MAL 623-18
Peyton Backpack MAL 624-18
Messi Backpack MAL 628-18
Tyson Back Pack MAL 629-18

Premium Portfolios

Our elegant premium portfolios are the perfect option for distinguished executives.

Platini Portfolio MAL 721-18
Montana Portfolio MAL 725-18


Bags and Backpacks

Our promotional products in this category are original designs created by the great creative minds that we have at Impressline. They are the most innovative designs made out of the best quality materials. We have transformed the best ideas into the best products. If you need to go on a business trip with some of your co workers, don’t hesitate on getting the best travel bags imprinted with your company’s name or logo and that way you will be creating brand awareness anywhere you go. You will always look good with one of our promotional bags. In this category you’ll find briefcases, coolers, backpacks, laptop bags, tablet bags, duffles, and of course, our Premium category. Our Premium section includes durable, high quality material bags that won’t wear down with time. Customize the product you like the most by using our tools in our webpage to do this. You can upload your image, choose color and design so that you can see how the finished product will look like.